Whether you’re a life-long environmentalist or just new to the subject, chances are, at this point, you know that there are an abundance of opportunities that have been made possible over the years to help reduce our carbon footprint. Some are easier than others, and some produce a bigger impact than others, but they all are striving towards the same goal: creating a more sustainable environment.

Sure, it’d be great if, after reading this post, people decided to stop what they were doing and go trade their car in for a bike, stop using electronics, and start growing their own produce. But let’s be realistic. Similar to the concept of “Pick Up 3″, by making a simple change you can make a big impact for the future of our environment. And the more people that make these simple changes, the bigger our impact will be. Makes sense, right?

Here’s a few things that my Pick Up 3 team and I like to do on a day-to-day basis to do our part:

1. Get a Reusable Water Bottle.

- Did you know that it takes more than 17 million gallons of oil each year just to produce bottled water? That’s enough oil to fuel a million cars for an entire year.

2. Eat Local.

- Damage caused by transporting food long distances leaves a large and unnecessary carbon footprint.

3. Get on your bike!

- For every 4-mile trip you avoid taking you in your car, you can prevent approximately 15 pounds of air pollution from entering our atmosphere.

4. Switch to Fluorescent Light Bulbs.

- Did you know that if every family in the United States changed to fluorescent bulbs it would be equivalent to taking a million cars off the streets?

5. Look for the “Energy Star”

- The next time you need to buy a household appliance make sure to purchase one that has the Energy Star label and you can reduce the amount of energy you consume dramatically.

By making these daily changes, you can be doing your part and more. Pass the word on and make an impact! Curious to learn more about what you can do to help? Make sure to check back into Pick Up 3′s blog next week for more!