The pollution left on beaches, as you may already be aware, poses hazards  to the marine ecosystem that teems with life. The plastic suffocates animals like sea turtles and dolphins, toxic chemicals cause lethal mutations in many marine animals, and the paper of cigarette buds chokes many marine birds.

With all of the recent discussion that focuses on environmental degradation, it’s easy to believe the situation is hopeless and your help won’t make a difference. Think again!

Our beaches can be preserved through your efforts. Many coastal communities worldwide have adopted beach cleanups as the remedy for pollution. Picking up trash in these beach cleanups, though a humble act, when completed by millions of people, can have a profound impact.

The members of Pick Up 3 team participate in these beach cleanups, some of which are organized by one of their proud partners, the Surfrider Foundation.

So that just leaves you. How can you help? Visit Surfrider’s website at:

Click on “Chapters” and find out if there’s one by you. The chapters often host beach cleanups every month at their local beaches.

It’s so easy to make such a huge difference in keeping our beaches and oceans safe and clean for all life.