Our Bloggers

Cobi Emery

Cobi is the Founder and CEO of Pick Up 3, as well as a Junior at Torrey Pines High School. Over the past 9 years, he and his team have worked to spread his message around the world, and now have ambassadors in 15 different countries and counting. Cobi was raised in Tahiti, Hawaii, and his current home, San Diego. In his free time he enjoys surfing, paddleboarding, swimming, running, and playing lacrosse.

“I have been fortunate enough to travel around the world, and see firsthand the effects we have on our environment. I started Pick Up 3 because I believe that with a united effort, we can better the health of our environment.”

Juan Gonzalez

Juan Gonzalez is a San Diego native. He has taught math and science professionally for over five years.  He is currently finishing a Master’s degree in chemistry from SDSU. Juan enjoys lending his scientific and creative expertise to convey the goals and mission of Pick Up 3 by setting a tangible example for others.

“I consider myself an environmentalist because any scientifically minded individual knows that you can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. I joined Pick Up 3 in the belief that someday these consequences won’t need to exist.”

 Malia Powers 

Malia is a student at UC San Diego and joined Pick Up 3 because she believes in the power of a united community, and that by simply raising awareness of Pick Up 3’s plan for action, the health of the environment will be improved. In her free time you will catch her playing soccer, hiking, or getting a game of volleyball in at the beach.

“I am thankful for our delicate earth and believe that the young spirit of the Pick Up 3 team will encourage others to take action. I enjoy working with the Pick Up 3 team because of the young, motivating, and ambitious spirit of the other team members who have a drive to set an example for future generations.”

Defne Yilmaz

Defne was born just 10 minutes from the pristine Torrey Pines Beach in San Diego and has lived near the beach her entire life, so life without it seems unnatural to her. She loves playing lacrosse and spending her free sunny days at the beach.

“I have seen many international beaches in my travels and I enjoy my time spent at a clean, pure beach and hope that, in the future, all of our beaches remain unpolluted and   pleasant because of the message and actions spread by Pick Up 3. I don’t want our beaches all over the world to be polluted and inaccessible. That is why I joined Pick Up 3, to try to make beaches enjoyable for people for a long time, not polluted by trash.”