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    Melting Glaciers

    Remember all of the hype following “An Inconvenient Truth” and the conservationist movement about increasing temperatures worldwide? There was quite a deal of controversy about the truth of the matter. The truth: according to the results of a 20-year study backed by the European Union, NASA, and the National...

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  • green_lightbulb

    Simple Changes (How you can help)

    Whether you’re a life-long environmentalist or just new to the subject, chances are, at this point, you know that there are an abundance of opportunities that have been made possible over the years to help reduce our carbon footprint. Some are easier than others, and some produce a bigger impact than others, but they...

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    Blog Updates

    First of all, I want to thank everyone who has been reading our posts for the past couple of months. All of your feedback is greatly appreciated and we take into account everything that is said. Knowing that our posts are being heard around the world is humbling and motivates us to do everything we

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    Beach Cleanups

    The pollution left on beaches, as you may already be aware, poses hazards  to the marine ecosystem that teems with life. The plastic suffocates animals like sea turtles and dolphins, toxic chemicals cause lethal mutations in many marine animals, and the paper of cigarette buds chokes many marine birds. With all of the...

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    Plastic in our Oceans

    Plastic has become an everyday part of our lives and it is important to note that this is a good thing! Plastic is the material arthritic patients use for their replaced knees and construction workers wear to protect their heads. However, a problem arises when plastic ends up in  the ocean. The seas are an important...

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    Climate Change

    The media, throughout the history of the modern United States, has had a profound influence on people’s view of the environment, both in local, American ecosystems, and those abroad. Recently, the hype has been about, as the uninformed call it, “global warming,” however better and more accurately known...

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    Plastic to Oil

    If you’ve lived long enough to remember the 1970s, you may remember then President Nixon touting the United States’ ambitions for “energy independence.”  Every president since Nixon has given essentially the same speech at one time or another and president Obama is no exception.  Although candidate Obama once...

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    A Welcome to the Pick Up 3 Blog

    Welcome to the Pick Up 3 blog! The Pick Up 3 blog is dedicated to raising awareness for a cleaner ocean and beaches. The Pick Up 3 message may be simple, but with the power of a united community, a difference will be seen in the environment. The Pick Up 3 blog will feature: Current

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