Some of Our Partners

SPY Optic

SPY Optic is a proud supporter of Pick Up 3 and the inherently simply approach to affect dramatic change. SPY’s heritage is rooted in Action Sports, Motorsports and Multi-sports, supported by a genetic code linking People, Product, Passion and Places. As athletically-inspired creatives and creatively-inspired athletes who enjoy what we do outdoors, we recognize our responsibility to ensure the safety and health of our community and environment. SPY enjoys devoting time and other resources toward action and education programs that make a difference socially, ecologically, locally and globally.

Ocean Minded

In 2008 Cobi joined forces with Ocean Minded in an effort to spread the ‘Pick Up 3’ message globally. This well-matched partnership allows Cobi’s           simple idea of cleaning beaches to flourish and spread between communities and eventually the world.

To learn more about Ocean Minded’s commitment to the environment and other ambassadors please visit



Surfrider Foundation

Rise Above Plastics (RAP) is a Surfrider Foundation program that aims to reduce the impacts of plastics in the marine environment by raising awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution and by advocating for a reduction of single-use plastics and the recycling of all plastics.  Learn more and find out how to be part of the solution at



Matix Clothing

Matix Clothing has also been a long time supporter of the Pick Up 3 campaign.   Matix is committed to progress and affecting change. They figure everyone out there has enough plastic wax combs to last a lifetime…Every pair of Matix boardshorts comes standard with a Polution Solution biodegradable trash bag and they encourage everyone to pick up just one bag of trash from your local beach and that will be progress!

To learn more about Matix Clothing’s commitment to the environment and other ambassadors please


Qualcomm is committed to being a positive and creative force in the protection and enhancement of the local and global environment. This is evident through the minimization of hazardous materials and their continuous efforts to reduce consumption of natural resources throughout the company. The fundamental principal of Qualcomm’s environmental policy is to minimize any negative impact to the environment while conserving natural resources. Using education and administrative controls, they continuously assess processes and practices to identify areas for reduction in energy, waste and emissions.


ECOLIFE’s core mission is to provide ecologically sustainable water, food, and shelter to communities through education applied programs. ECOLIFE solves natural resource issues using science, education, and strategic partnerships. Through applied programs, ECOLIFE provides immediate access to clean water,  food, and shelter.