My name is Cobi Emery and I’m the CEO and Founder of Pick Up 3, and a current Senior at Torrey Pines High School in San Diego, CA. I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to stop by our new website. I hope you find the site clear, easy to navigate, and efficient in presentation of information. One of the main functions of the site shall be to not only serve as a means for you to become familiar with the Pick Up 3 mission, but also as a useful tool for those wanting to make a difference.

An exciting new feature is our Blog section, which is a powerful tool for keeping our present and future ambassadors up to speed. Our followers will be informed with not only the most current projects that Pick Up 3 is working on, but the latest news, innovations, and trends within the environmental realm. Our four “bloggers” all have a passion for the environment and are constantly seeking for new ways to make a difference and relaying the message to you. The Blog is an opportunity for you to become aware of the issues that face our environment, and learn simple ways how you can do your part to prevent them.

Another addition to our new site is our Ambassadors page. The Ambassadors page enables users to become familiar with our global community, and learn how to join our network. Becoming an Ambassador is an easy way to get involved with Pick Up 3, receive recognition for your actions, and give back to the environment.

None of Pick Up 3’s success would be possible without the effort from our ambassadors, and we hope you can help us continue to spread the message. My team and I intend to continually improve and expand the site moving forward. It is not only our duty, but a pleasure to be able to provide guidance towards creating a more sustainable environment. Take a look around, and join the movement!

                                                                                                                      Cobi Emery