Board of Directors

Bill Hickman, RAP Coordinator, Surfrider Foundation

As ‘Rise Above Plastics’ Coordinator, I am excited to be tackling plastic pollution issues that are affecting the marine environment. At the age of six, I wanted to be like my big brother so I ‘borrowed’ his surfboard at every chance and caught the surfing bug early on. All my early memories are of clean beaches but later in high school and through college I started to see and feel the impact of litter and pollution. When I moved to California after college I wanted to volunteer for an environmental organization and Surfrider was a perfect fit. After years of volunteering, I applied for a job with the San Diego chapter where I worked for over five years and now I am stoked to be helping all Surfrider chapters to ‘Rise Above Plastics’!

Bob Tanner, Marketing Director, Ocean-Minded

As the Director of Marketing for Ocean Minded, I am regularly exposed to environmental projects of all shapes and sizes.  When I learned of Pick Up 3, I couldn’t believe such an easy concept was right there, under our collective nose, this entire time!  The icing on the cake was when I found out their Founder was just a kid, I literally turned to a co-worker and said ‘We’ve got to get in touch with Cobi Emery’.  Since that time in 2008, it’s been great to watch him and his organization ‘grow up’ and I’m very proud to be connected to Pick Up 3.


Michael Marckx, SPY Inc, President/CEO

 I am a former amateur world champion and US National teammember, and have enjoyed being an athlete in several sports. I have served on the Surfrider Board of Directors for over a decade, most recently over the past two years as Chairman of the Board. I am a Category 1 (pro) bicycle racer,  and also an avid surfer and musician. I got involved with Pick Up 3 because the idea simple, contagious and easy to inspire others to do, whether it’s at the beach, the park, the mountain or anywhere. As a Surfrider Foundation Board of Director, I identify deeply with preserving our beaches and oceans.