An Elementary School Teacher’s Inspiration

Pick Up 3 was  inspired by Del Mar Heights Elementary School teacher Andrew Smith. Mr. Smith shares Cobi’s passion for the ocean and has a strong desire to keep our beaches clean. “Pick Up 3″, the movie, was a result of a  summer project with Mr. Smith. Little did Cobi or Mr. Smith know that the Surfrider Foundation would get a hold of the short film and spread the message through its extensive network.




 Behind the Design

Each creature depicted has his own task, but also shares a common goal: work together to keep the water clean. This construction project would not be complete without a contractor; beavers help build the path to a cleaner Earth. Pelicans eat fish that require a clean habitat. Every project needs a project manager; the owl perches atop the Earth ensuring that all goes according to plan. As each creature contributes to nursing Mother Nature back to health, signs of recovery start to sprout, bud and blossom. Pick Up 3 does not work without the help of all creatures, man and animal. Open spaces appearing throughout the composition emphasize the work-in-progress nature of the Pick Up 3 campaign and welcome others to help “fill in” this participatory scheme.