Our Mission

Since 2004, Pick Up 3 has advocated the simple idea, the simple solution that every individual should pick up three pieces of trash whenever outside. We have made it our mission to unlock people’s potential to create a combined, successful change for tomorrow’s world. Through the power of a united community this simple action will result in
a cleaner earth.

The Pick Up 3 message has been heard around the world and continues to be spread by our global ambassadors in 15 different countries.  Founded on the coast of San Diego, the message has been heard from the beaches of Bali to the local surfers of Venezuela.  The ocean is not owned by anyone yet is enjoyed by all.  As global citizens, it is our duty to take action and protect the ocean from trash.  Whether we look to the ocean as a source of water, beauty, or recreation, the ocean consistently gives back to us.  Engage yourself and help make an impact on our world.


Get Involved

Our network of Ambassadors around the world are doing their part to keep their environment clean and spreading the word, one piece of trash at a time.

About Us

Cobi has presented at schools all over San Diego County. Presentations help viewers become engaged, educated, and motivated to make a difference.


Spreading the message on national TV, presenting to global environmental groups and working with students throughout San Diego County.


The formerly massive ice sheets in the arctic terrains of Greenland and Antarctica are melting, and fast. These huge pieces of ice are losing billions of tons in mass.

In this post, Defne discusses the importance of our rapidly melting glaciers. Check it out!

Whether you’re a life-long environmentalist or just new to the subject, chances are, at this point, you know that there are an abundance of opportunities that have been made possible over the years to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Want to learn about how you can do your part? In this post, Cobi reveals a few simple tips to help reduce your carbon footprint!

Moving forward, our blog posts will be updated on a regular basis. Starting next Sunday, November 25th, all posts will be released every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. We hope you check in each month to be informed on the latest in the environmental realm and learn how you can do your part.

Read more about future updates in Cobi’s post!

Ready to learn how you can do your part to help keep our beaches in pristine condition? In this blog post Defne explains the effects of beach cleanups, and how you can involved.

Be sure to send us some pictures of you and your latest beach cleanup experience!

While most of us know that plastic is harmful for our oceans, many of us do not know exactly why this is. Care to learn why?

Be sure to check out Malia’s Blog to learn how plastic effects our oceans, and how it can effect us as humans.

One of the most commonly talked about issues within the environmental realm is our effect on the Earth’s climate change. Although sometimes considered a controversial topic, it is one that we should all be aware of. Want to learn more?

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What if there were a way to make your own gas at home for very little cost? What if the tools to make that gas actually helped preserve our environment and decreased carbon emissions? Believe it or not, such technology exists, yet most aren’t even aware of it.

Check out Juan’s Blog here to learn all about the Plastic to Oil phenomenon.

The Pick Up 3 Blog is a resource for YOU to learn how you can get involved and do your part. The Blog will consist of Pick Up 3 news, current events, and even step by step plans of action. Engage yourself, and take a few minutes to stop by the site every few weeks.

Want to learn more about the ins and outs of our new blog? Read Cobi’s Blog here and join the movement.